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SERVICE Playground Service Dept

The Playground Dive Shop has 6 trained Scubapro Technicians and 2 Specialized Repair Technicians who are authorized to service all other brands of dive equipment.   We have a one week turn around time for Scubapro services unless special parts are required. We also have a rush service for an additional fee. The Playground Dive Shop can also offer all warranty work for most major manufacturers with our Special Technicians. Must bring in warranty card at time of service. All Poseidon service items have an additional fee.  We also offer Hydro's, visual inspections, air fills and nitrox, as well as Paint Ball Fills of compressed gas.

Regulator Repair
  • 1st and 2nd Stage Regulator
    Clean, repair, and test $75 + parts
  • Air2 or any single 1st or 2nd Stage
    Clean, repair, and test $35 + parts
  • Annual Bench Test $25
Computer Repair
  • Computers:
    Repair, Replace Battery, Test & Calibrate $75 + parts
  • Transmitters:
    Supply New Transmitter $110 + parts
BCD Repair
  • Balanced Power Inflator
    Clean, repair, and test $15 + parts
  • Misc. RepairMisc. Repair
    Preauthorized amount $40 per hour + parts

Warranty Information:  Scubapro requires all regulators to be serviced every 2 years or 100 dives whichever comes first to maintain the warranty on the regulator. But we do recommend an annual check to assure the IP is accurate and for any necessary cleaning.

Would you like to learn how to maintain your equipment better?  Check out our Equipment Specialty Course or sign-up for a class.