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MASK CLEARING CLINIC Overcoming the hated mask skills

Show of hands on who loves their mask clearing/removal skills!  This is usually the hardest and most dreaded skill there is for a new open water diver.  So your certified and still hate it?  Our intensive Mask Clearing Boot Camp will help you overcome the dread and actually learn to be at peace without a mask on your face.  We teach mastery in Open Water Scuba Certification, but doesn't mean you like it.  Learn to dislike it even less with our clinic.

Why do you need it?  We want to keep fresh all our skills that we learned in open water.  


Q: Do I really have to take my mask off?
A: Yes

Q:  I am certified why should I worry about my mask?
A: If your mask strap would break, or if it gets kicked off your face it is best to be comfortable.

Q: If I am not certified but going through certification can I take this course?
A: Yes all staff instructors & dive masters are certified and insured to teach this clinic.

Mask Clearing