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Why Advanced Open Water Will Make You A Better Diver.

Diving Scuba_Jenn COMMENTS 03 Jun, 2017

I am a firm believer of con-ed.  Not just in scuba diving, but in all aspects of life. Everyday we introduce ourselves with new experiences often without realizing it.  New restaurant, new fashion, new songs... How much more important is it to keeps our minds active and growing?  

In relating it to our dive training it is huge! We are learning to survive in an environment our body was not made to live in - unless you're a mermaid of course.  There is always something new we can learn. In open water you are so focused on just breathing you sometimes miss absorbing some of the other material covered in your training.   Advanced open water is not just for advanced divers.  In a series of 5 dives it is a way to introduce yourself to different "adventure" dives and learn new skills or apply skill concepts you started to build, in the open water course.  You are taking classes with certified instructors who keep you in a safe environment while honing your skills.

DIVE DIVE DIVE - to keep fresh you must use your skills often.  Think about the time and effort you put into your diver education.  Why let that lapse.  The Playground Dive Shop encourages divers to come and dive with us on our local trips to Beaver Lake as well as our fun exotic trips to Florida or places outside of the US.

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Sometimes it isn't always feasible to head to Beaver Lake for training, so we have put together a series of clinics or boot camps,  designed to update and refine your dive skills.  We have also created discover dives for the pool to introduce interesting new equipment to try out: full face mask and dry suit, side mount.

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I feel it is important for me personally as well as for the staff at the Playground Dive Shop.  I have currently been studying photography both underwater and surface.  Will be posting a blog soon regarding skill development and cameras for Underwater Photography.

We had several of our instructional staff partake in PADI's forum where we keep up-to- date on new materials and teaching methods.

Our staff also completed the repair technician course hosted by Scubapro from beginner repair clinics, as well as our Experienced Technicians complete the advanced courses.  We renew these certifications every 2 years to keep current.Repair Clinic




Austin Reed the retail guru of the Playground Dive Shop escaped the confines of the shop floor and completed PADI Rescue Diver certification over the Memorial Weekend.  His journey will continue as he works toward his Master Diver Rating.  He holds the PADI Fish ID and his goals for finishing up his specialties are: Nitrox, Boat, Deep, Wreck.

The Playground is excited to present the 2 newest instructional dive staff "Dive Masters": Jeff White & Mike Sharp.   Still advancing to the next level is Dive Master(s) Krista Block and Cathi Christina as they pursue their journey to Assistant Instructor (AI) then onto instructor!

All this started with Advanced.  Not settling for just the basic open water-improving, honing, learning.  Diving is a passion.  It is a lifestyle.  It is your PADI and can take you to new places, new experiences, new friends!  

Are you ready for your next adventure?

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